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WE East has joined with several of the USAWE Affiliate Organizations on the east coast to offer a Year End Awards Program to all our members. Members are automatically entered in the program when they join/renew.
The program offers awards to the 1st and 2nd place winners in levels 1 thru 5 of the Open, Amateur, and Youth divisions. 

The way this works is, the Organizations that are part of the program send WE East their show results. We then take the average Dressage/EOH scores and the points earned at the shows and enter them in our records. At the end of the show season, we then calculate the winners and award them their prizes!

For a full list of the shows that are included in the 2024 Awards Program, click HERE.

2023 YEA Results


L1 Open

     Champion - Michelle von Schmidt-Pauli and Malibu BBH

     Reserve Champion - Rose Watt and Valentina YR

L1 Amateur

     Champion - Jordan Koepke and Golden Feather

     Reserve Champion - Jennifer Krawec and GVM Princess

L2 Open

     Champion - Danee Rudy and Lumos

     Reserve Champion - Stephanie Hayes and BC Santino Adelmo

L2 Amateur

     Champion - Laura Guillaudeu and Dots Dreamdoll

     Reserve Champion - Rebecca Gabel and RS Alegre

L2 Youth

     Champion - Hazel Wade and Rosie's Rhett Butler

     Reserve Champion - Morgan Caron and MM Thunderstorm

L3 Open

     Champion - Julie Lamberton and Seabreeze Savaje Vaquero

     Reserve Champion - Kim Hillyer and Bell the Cat

L3 Amateur

     Champion - Kasey Riddle and Lazer Thyme

     Reserve Champion - Helen Thompson and Playboys Eatin Out

L3 Youth

     Champion - Alyx West and Caballos de Destino Maya

L4 Open

     Champion - Stephanie Jennings and BOH High Cal Ada

     Reserve Champion - Stephanie Hayes and DEM Rayo

L4 Amateur

     Champion - Maria Glinski and Quince

L5 Open

     Champion - Elizabeth Barker and Unos Peppy Smoke

WE East Year End Awards

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