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Meet Our Directors


Maria Blackstone (TN) - Maria is our club Secretary and one of the founding Directors of WE East. She has been managing all aspects of WE Horse shows for close to 10 years. She was the manager of the first ever USAWE Eastern Region Championship Show last year (2022).

Jeanne Bond (MD) - Jeanne is also one of our founding Directors. She has been involved in WE since it was introduced to the United States. She is a key component in organizing the United States Rules for Working Equitation. Jeanne is also a USAWE Licensed TD with great knowledge about rules, competitions, licensed officials, and more.


Janet Tenney (OH) - Janet is also one of our founding Directors and has been involved with WE since it was introduced to the United States as well. She is very active as our Gate Steward (a very intensive volunteer position!) at all our shows and ensures that the shows flow smoothly.

Mindy Finelli (NJ) - Mindy is also one of our founding Directors and is the club Treasurer. She has been riding/competing in WE since 2008. She has worked as show secretary, show scorer, and general show organization for the past 10 years or so. Mindy is also on the USAWE Horse Recording and Awards committees.

Holly Linz (MD) - Holly is one of our founding Directors as well and has been involved as a trainer, competitor, and show manager in WE for the past 5+ years. She is also one of only three Recognized Coaches with USAWE in Region 6. In addition, Holly is a WE clinician and show organizer.

Nancy Meola (NJ) - Nancy just discovered  working equitation in 2022. She is learning all she can from these kind and supportive Directors! Nancy encourages all members to reach out to this group with your WE-related questions.  She brings her experience with volunteer coordination, editing, and membership services to the table. 

Lynsey Moritz (MD) - Lynsey joined our group as a Director in 2021. She has ridden and competed in WE for several years now. Lynsey single handedly ran the games and entertainment at the 2022 USAWE Eastern Zone Championship Show. She has some really amazing new ideas that she brings to the table.

Cera Olsen (MD)Cera comes to working equitation after 24 years of Eventing and joined WEE in 2023. She began competing in Working Equitation in 2022 and is looking forward to starting her young horse in WE as well. Cera was on the 2023 Eastern Zone Championships Enrichment Committee and brings some great ideas for Member Outreach. 


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