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Newsletter 3/29/2024

Mar 29, 2024

Spring brings the start of the season!

With our first shows around the corner, clinics in full swing, and schooling shows already started, what better time for the spring newsletter?  We have such a great season ahead!! 

Still have time to register for the first licensed show at Frying Pan Park 20/21 April! We are good on volunteers, but are always looking for helpful people for other events. Reach out to us at for more information. Looking forward to a seeing everyone!


Here are some great photos of the clinics that have already happened across WEE. Three Bulls put on a Clinic with Doreen Atkinson and Pati Pierucci. They introduced their new bank obstacle! Send in your photos to share your experiences with all our members.

(TN Clinic Photos - Photo Credits to Madison Morgan Photography)

Additionally, we had an awesome turnout from across Region 6 at the World Horse Expo in PA. Holly Linz put on a demo the same weekend at VA Tech. Region 5 also had a great turnout at the Michigan Horse Expo! Region 7 member and Youth Committee chair, Kasey Riddle, has some big events planned for this summer. Keep looking out for the amazing events all our Regions are attending representing USAWE! 

For this Newsletter, we want to highlight one of our regular volunteers who is rarely recognized. Ralph Finelli is at every WEE show. He helps set up, tear down, reset obstacles, and any other task we can think for him. Husband of Board Member and Competitor Mindy Finelli, Ralph is a dedicated volunteer and a valued member of the team! Enjoy this spotlight. :)

Photo Credit: Mindy Finelli

Ralph Finelli was introduced to horses back in 1975 when he met his wife, Mindy. Forty-nine years later, he’s still supporting Mindy (financially and physically!) in her horse endeavors. He is an architect by profession and has had his own business since 1987. He’s always willing to lend a hand at the horse shows that he and Mindy go to each year. Many years back before they had children, Ralph could always be seen with a towel in one back pocket, a fly spray bottle in the other, and a glass of tea in his hand waiting for Mindy at the show ring. In much more recent years, he can be seen lugging WE obstacles around, setting up courses, being part of the ring crew, picking up the judges from the airport, getting lunches for the staff, helping Mindy get ready for her classes, videoing her rides, and generally anything else that needs to be done. He is an invaluable part of our group and a fantastic horse husband! If you were to ask Mindy, she would say he is the best thing that ever happened to her!

Thank you for your membership, your dedication to our sport, our horses, our training. It is all of you that makes this sport everything it is! Follow your Regional Pages for clinic, Fix-a-Test, and Schooling Show opportunities. Follow the 2024 Zone Championships page, here, for updates and announcements throughout the season!

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